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About Counselling. There are lots of different kinds of counselling and psychotherapy. Some methods will suit some people better than others.

What is Psychosynthesis Therapy?
It adopts a holistic and integrative approach to counselling and psychotherapy, offering a broad perspective on life with special attention to the development of human potential.

Psychosynthesis therapy creates an opportunity for personal insight, development, creative expression, transpersonal awareness and the ability to make conscious choices in life.

Psychosynthesis therapy encourages, supports and works with people in a way that is most appropriate for them.

When can Psychosynthesis Help?
Sometimes people feel 'stuck' in their lives, they know what they want but can't seem to achieve it. Other poeople experience an emotional or life crisis, or an ongoing feeling that life is passing them by and they are not getting the most out of it. Others because they feel too sensitive, overwhelmed by thoughts or feelings or cannot feel anything at all.

Some people feel confused as to why others are acting a certain way towards them, or may feel they are still affected by past traumas, or searchinig for the meaning of life.

Problems at work and home. Confusion around personal identity. A desire for a more creative future. A feeling of being unable to cope. Ubable to assert themselves. Bullying. All of these are common problems dealt with in therapy.

How it helps.
It is a powerful way for people to gain a clearer perspective on how they affect the way they live their lives and the choices they make. This in turn enables them to bring positive changes in their lives.

Psychosynthesis can help you to develop:

Greater confidence
Healthy and fullfilling relationships
More freedom to make choices and see them through
The ability and courage to be yourself in the world and not who others want you to be.
Improved communication skills
Clarity around decisions and major life changes.
Enhanced creativity and self expression.
More enjoyment and sense of purpose in day to day life.
Increased personal awareness and identity.

A Flexible Approach:
Psychosynthesis brings together and integrates many principles and techniques from both classical and contemporary approaches in both Eastern spirituality and Western psychology. Whilst it adds its own particular models and techniques to this broad base, the beauty of this method is that it is felxible enough to adapt itself to the uniqueness of each of us as individuals.

A Transpersonal View: (How you are in the world your relationship with yourself and your connection to the rest of the world).
Psychosynthesis is a transpersonal therapy. This means that as well as addressing lifes problems on a physical, emotional and intellectual level, it also holds a spiritual (not religious) view if you would like to explore or develop this aspect of yourself.

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