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Frequently Asked Questions

I am on anti depressants can I still come to counselling? Yes you can. It is advisable to tell your doctor you are attending therapy.

How long will my therapy take? Each person is different and during the initial assessment we would discuss this, some people only need to come for a month, some people for longer. It depends on the person and what they are coming to therapy for.

I have a problem and I dont know if you can help me with it? If I feel that you would do better with a different kind of therapy or feel unable to help you, I would tell you during the initial assessment.

I don't know if I can afford therapy, do you offer any discounts? Pleaes see contacts and costs for my charges. However, I do offer discounts in certain situations. I also run a group therapy session in Kingston for this reason, so that people who live in the area and have less disposable income can benefit from therapy. Please follow the link for some research into this - RESEARCH www.eprints.lse.ac.uk (ISSN 1475 -3588 10 (1) pp26 - 31)

What is confidentiality? How does it work in individual and group therapy?
Confidentiality is a commitment not discuss certain information with other people. For example, if you met me in the street as a client, I would not acknowledge you first, in case you did not want people to know that you knew me, that is about maintaining confidentialty.
In certain situations, for example where a child might be at risk, then my professional guidelines mean I would have to breach confidentiality. Usually I would discuss this with you first.

How does confidentiality work with group therapy? Each member of the group prior to starting has to sign a confidentiality agreement during their assessment for suitability process. This means that they are honour bound in the same way you are to not discuss anything anyone else brings to the group. Or identify you as a member of their group to other people. If they breach this confidentiality the group members can ask them to leave.

What is the maximum group size for group therapy? Eight clients per session.

I want to come to couples counselling but my partner does not, can I still come. Yes, your partner can join you later if they wish.

If I ring and get the answerphone is it alright to leave a message? Yes this phone number is purely used by myself for client contact. You may leave a message and a phone number. If you are a new client, please tell me a time when it is alright to ring you back and if it is appropriate to leave a discreet message for you if I cannot reach you.

How does Group Therapy work? An easy way of looking at it is this; however you are in the world, you will be in group therapy. So for example, if you are bossy or shy in life, you will start to do this in group therapy. Wyis this helpful? This is helpful because it allows you to examine your relationships in the world in the safety of the group and to start to change them. This will then begin to effect the way you are with people outside of the group.

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